Partnership Compensation Plan

This Plan of compensation is in beta testing for the next six months. This means that it can be modified for improvement.

Soon we will be able to offer a more articulated MLM plan.


Beside the Reward Program, La.Ma.Cosmetics offers also a Partnership Program.

At the moment we offer an independent distributor compensation of 25% on the orders, shipping costs excluded.


The Payments will be made the month following the earning of commissions, to allow returning items to be calculated.

The payments to the partners will be made through PayPal or Bank transfer.

The payments will be processed through PayPal, as well as all purchases will be paid through this system.

In order to withrawal your monthly commissions, you need to have sales for a minimum of 50$ for that month, it doesn't matter if the orders are from you or from your customers.

Minimum withdrawal 20$.

If you don't reach the 50$ of sales they are not lost for you, they will be added to your commissions for the next month.